A Journey of Aspiration

Kevin Aguilar

Kevin Aguilar is a South LA native and current SCFHC apprentice. Through this opportunity, Kevin aims to broaden his understanding of the healthcare industry, specifically healthcare marketing, and research. He believes that this experience will equip him with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a meaningful impact in healthcare while fostering personal and professional growth.

In his free time, Kevin loves to travel, attend soccer games, and spend time with his family. Learning and personal growth are central to his interests which is why he is in the process of returning to school where he hopes to obtain a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. Kevin hopes to attend business school and establish a non-profit in South Central dedicated to providing financial education and empowerment to community members.

Kevin’s story underscores the potential for individuals to shape their future, make a positive impact, and inspire others through learning and hard work. SCFHC looks forward to developing Kevin’s skills and bearing witness to his continued growth and future success.

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