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Fix the Health Center Funding Cliff




What is the Health Center Funding Cliff?

Over 70% of federal funding for Health Centers comes from the Health Center Program.


In February of 2018, Congress extended this fund for two years, setting it to expire in 2020.

Health Centers could lose 70% of federal funding, if Congress does not extend the 

Health Centers Program.

Health Centers could lose


of Federal funding.

Why does it matter?

In 2015 Health Centers, like SCFHC, cared for:

1 in 3

Individuals living in poverty


million people



low-income communities

If the funding cliff is not fixed


patients could lose access to care.

SCFHC could lose




in Federal Funding for its patients.

What can you do?

Call your members of Congress!

Demand that they act immediately!



Share on Social Media!

Tag your members of Congress.

Tell them why Health Centers matter to you.


#FixTheCliff       #ValueCHCs


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