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Board of Directors

Who owns the health center? 

SCFHC is an independent facility managed by a community Board of Directors. This independence means that our community, makes the decisions regarding the services we offer.

SCFHC is governed by an 11 member Board, made up of professionals and leaders in the healthcare community.  Over half of our Board are patients of our clinic, allowing them recommendations from a patient’s perspective.

Volunteer Board Members are Needed


We are searching for volunteers to become members of our Board of Directors. If you have 4 hours a month and a passion for the mission of South Central Family Health Center, we need your help to improve and expand our services. You also need to be a current patient of our clinic.


If interested, please click on the application below, fill it out and send to:


         Board Member Application 

         Conflict of Interest


Jesica Rios-Sandoval
Call: (323) 908-4245 
Fax: (323) 908-4256


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