Commitment to the Community

Odalis Perez

Odalis Perez is a former SCFHC apprentice and an active South LA community member. Odalis is passionate about helping her community which began in high school when she became a part of her high school’s robotics team. Her robotics team worked with community organizations to encourage young people to pursue their interest in STEM.

Odalis went on to graduate from Cal State Dominguez Hills where she studied Sociology. This helped her gain insights into how legal systems and political structures influence society. She developed a deeper understanding of her culture, neighborhood, and the unique challenges that South LA must address.

One of these challenges is health equity which Odalis helped address during her apprenticeship at SCFHC. Odalis utilized social media to inform the community about services and resources available to them. Over the course of her tenure, Odalis played a pivotal role in revamping the online presence of SCFHC.

Odalis with LA Sentinel Reporter Rodd Amos at SCFHC Family Health Day
Odalis representing SCFHC at the Que Buena 5 de Mayo event

Odalis gained a deeper understanding of the impact SCFHC has on the communities it serves and the work it takes to provide equitable access to health care. One of her favorite moments was working with news outlets at SCFHC’s Family Health Day. Odalis honed her media pitching skills by successfully securing news coverage for SCFHC from both the LA Sentinel and Channel 35. 

Looking ahead, Odalis remains steadfast in her commitment to working with communities and leaving a positive mark. In the coming years, she aspires to pursue a master’s degree, further equipping herself with the knowledge and skills necessary to continue making an impact in her community.

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