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Excellence Christina Machado
Christina is a great Medical Assistant, she always tries her best to answer all patient questions even after they have been discharged.
Compassion Veronica Mendoza Cruz
After speaking with Veronica, patients leave with a better understanding of their oral health and with the motivation to come to their appointments to treat their disease.
Integrity Ingrid Hernandez
Ingrid reflects the type of employee that all of us should aspire to become.
Respect Julio Castellon
The patients always appreciate Julio's approach and are very receptive to his suggestions, thus helping them to take control of their oral health.
Dedication Evelyn Ceja
Having grown up in South Los Angeles, Evelyn understands the unique needs of our patients.
Fiscal Responsibility Dr. Ryan Huang
Dr. Huang's leadership is exceptional because he leads by example, his style of communication is always respectful, reasonable and insightful.
Service Jose Luis Bulahan
Christina is a great Medical Assistant, she always tries her best to answer all patient questions even after they have been discharged.
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It is our privilege to introduce the Core Values Awards, a program designed to recognize employee engagement and celebrate work that exemplifies the following core values.

Excellence – striving for the highest quality experience regardless of our individual role.

Integrity – firm adherence to a code of ethics, honesty, dependability, and respect.

Service – enthusiastic and professional service to patients, their families, referring physicians, our colleagues, and our community. 

Compassion – for our patients, their families, and each other. 

Dedication – commitment to our mission and recognition of the group and individual needs.

Respect – appreciation of patients, partners, and staff. 

Fiscal Responsibility – long term financial discipline is the key to the security, strength, and growth of the organization. 

2017 Winners

Ingrid Hernandez
Ingrid emphasizes the importance of respectful and professional communication in order to ‘understand each other and resolve employee and management issues’. She demonstrates a ‘fair and open’ frame of mind to ensure that each side provides their explanations on the issues. Ingrid reflects the type of employee that all of us should aspire to become.
Evelyn Ceja
Evelyn has become SCFHC’s internal champion for our Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Screening Program and is at the frontline of SCFHC’s efforts to improve the quality of life for patients at risk for cancer. Evelyn is tireless in her efforts to call our patients before their appointments, calling an excess of 150 patients every week. Each call is a an exercise in motivational speech, where Evelyn provides the patient with information about CRC and the importance of screening.
Julio Castellon
Julio is dedicated to making sure that both his colleagues and patients are heard and respected. When working with Spanish-speaking patients, Julio makes sure to translate dental health information to both patients and their care takers, so that everyone can feel informed and included in the conversation. I am constantly amazed at the little things Julio remembers of each Provider’s working style. Working with Julio makes the overall dental visit more efficient because I am able to spend more quality time with each patient.
Jose Luis Bulahan
Jose Luis approaches not only his work, but the people that he serves with a positive attitude. He makes me feel proud to work for SCFHC. He takes pride in doing a great job and strives to ‘be the best’ in his department. I truly appreciate his enthusiasm and professionalism; he is a credit to our organization.
Fiscal Responsibility
Dr. Ryan Huang
Dr. Huang has demonstrated outstanding fiscal responsibility as Dental Director. He has significantly increased our financial viability to ensure security, strength and growth at SCFHC. Through his leadership, Dr. Huang has fostered excellent teamwork and productivity. His professionalism and leadership not only serve as a model for others to follow but also advance our company’s fiscal growth. Dr. Huang exemplifies our quest to be an employer of choice, whose department offers affordable, comprehensive, high quality and culturally responsive services.
Christina Machado
Christina is a great Medical Assistant, she is always works with a smile and gives above and beyond to her patients. She is very kind and respectful to patients and always works to address every concern that patients voice when being discharged. Her excellent team work skills are why we chose to nominate her for this year’s Core Value Award.
Veronica Mendoza Cruz
Veronica is extremely dedicated to making sure that our dental patients fully understand the information that doctors provide them. Veronica’s compassion makes her a favorite among patients. She takes time to explain health concepts, using images and props, so that patients feel comfortable and informed about their oral health. Veronica’s hard work makes her a wonderful asset to SCFHC.

2016 Winners

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