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View 2016 Winners


View 2016 Winners

As part of SCFHC’s effort to recognize employees for their valuable service, it is our privilege to introduce the Core Values Awards (CVA) Program. The CVA is designed to recognize employee engagement and celebrate work that exemplifies SCFHC’s core values.

To Submit Award Nominations:

  • Select the Core Value that best applies to you or your colleague(s) 

  • Answer four questions and tell your story and/or your colleague(s) story

  • Nominate as many colleagues you believe are deserving for each Core Value

  • Seal your nomination(s) into an envelope and submit all your confidential nomination(s) into the Nomination Box at your site

  • Wait for the announcement of the winners and trophy presentation the Annual Holiday & Awards Ceremony.

  • Nomination(s) due November 3rd

  • Best of Luck!

Nomination forms are available in the following areas:

Excellence – striving for the highest quality experience regardless of our individual role.

Integrity – firm adherence to a code of ethics, honesty, dependability, and respect.

Service – enthusiastic and professional service to patients, their families, referring physicians, our colleagues, and our community. 

Compassion – for our patients, their families, and each other. 

Dedication – commitment to our mission and recognition of the group and individual needs.

Respect – appreciation of patients, partners, and staff. 

Fiscal Responsibility – long term financial discipline is the key to the security, strength, and growth of the organization. 

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