Filling the Healthcare Gap

Ayleen Henriquez

Ayleen Henriquez is a first-generation college graduate and current SCFHC apprentice who is an aspiring healthcare professional. Her experiences growing up in South Central Los Angeles are a catalyst for her career goals. Witnessing the challenges and disparities faced by medically underserved communities living below the federal poverty line has motivated her to bridge the healthcare gap.

Through this apprenticeship, Ayleen hopes hope to establish meaningful connections with healthcare professionals, enabling her to learn from their expertise and potentially cultivate mentorship relationships. She is eager to gain valuable experience and develop practical skills that will set a strong foundation for her career.

Ayleen aspires to have a positive impact in her community which she holds dear to her heart and contribute to its overall well-being. Over the course of her career, she will use her skills and knowledge to address healthcare disparities and make a meaningful impact in the world of healthcare.

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