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Blog Purpose

The Stress South Central Carries is a blog created to serve as a platform to amplify and uplift the voices of South-Central community members. As a young Latina born and raised in Los Angeles, I have navigated several stressful environments that have shed light on how stress affects my health. I intend to promote a larger conversation regarding the stress this community carries and how to address it together. Blog topics will range from demanding work schedules, education, fear of deportation, and mental health. Together, I want us to break the vicious cycle of chronic stress negatively affecting our health outcomes. As a reminder your voice matters, and this platform is created to empower you.

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Alexandra Perez, but I go by my nickname, Alex. I am a Mi Mentor Health Equity Fellow at the South Central Family Health Center (SCFHC). Mi Mentor is a non-profit created to develop and support innovative mentorship opportunities that inspire the next generation of healthcare leaders for underserved communities. The partnership between Mi Mentor and SCFHC has allowed me to begin exploring how to eliminate health disparities by working with amazing people that are also passionate about creating change in the healthcare system. A little more insight into my life; I am the eldest daughter of a Mexican mother and a Guatemalan father. My mother was born and raised in Southeast Los Angeles while, my father was born in Guatemala and moved to Wilmington, CA at 16 years old. They both moved to Hawthorne, CA where my younger sister and I were raised. After attending a neighboring high school, I got into UCLA where I graduated from this past Spring in 2022. Where I grew up, the challenges I went through, and the schools I have attended will lead me to fulfill my aspiration of becoming the first physician in my family. I love my Los Angeles community and I am passionate about empowering community members to advocate for their needs in any space.

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