SCFHC is able to achieve its mission thanks to the efforts of its apprentices. This edition highlights past and current apprentices for the amazing work they do at the organization. 

Present Meets Past

This edition highlights 2 members of the organization who wear multiple hats and pays homage to the clinic’s founders – Catherine Bax and Ann Turner. The clinic’s present meets its past.

South LA's Roots

This edition explores the physical geographic space that SCFHC main sites occupy and their historical meaning.

The Pillars of SCFHC

This edition highlights staff members who have been with the organization for decades. Each story tells more about their amazing story and amazing contributions to the organization.

Maternal Love

For Mother’s Day, this edition highlights 2 mother-daughter relationships at the organization and explores what ‘family’ means to them.


This edition explores how different aspects of the clinic’s identities and values align and intersect with one another.

Empowering Communities

This edition highlights our Human Resources team and the amazing work they are doing to empower the communities we serve and help meet the health needs of our patients.

Family Health Day

For National Health Center Week, SCFHC hosted a community resource fair called Family Health Day at Augustus Hawkins Nature Park. This edition talks about the impact of the event in our community.

Communal Voices

This edition highlights the voices of community members in South LA and their observations and hopes for the future.

Clinical Excellence

A major component of our organization is our amazing clinical staff. In this edition, we highlight medical assistants, physician assistants, and medical doctors for the work they do to bridge the health inequity gaps in our communities.