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1109 E. Vernon Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011

Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Languages: English, Spanish

About this location

SCFHC’s Pharmacy building opened in 2011. Located adjacent to the clinic’s Corporate Offices, the move helped streamline pharmaceutical dispensary efficiency from 1 day to as little as 30 minutes. 


We will see anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. If you are eligible, our staff will gladly help you enroll into an affordable health insurance plan.

​If you are not eligible for health insurance, we offer a sliding fee schedule based on your income. Many of our patients qualify for free services.

We accept Medical Coverage Programs (MediCare, MediCal), Credit cards including VISA, Master Card, American Express and Cash.

Patient Assistance Program

Sometimes, affording prescription medicines can be difficult. That’s why South Central Family Health Center has the Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to keep affordable medicines within your reach.

This private and confidential program provides medicine free of charge to eligible individuals, primarily the uninsured, who could not afford needed medicines without our assistance.

To see if you qualify please call

For prescription refills please call

Who do we serve?

Everyone regardless of documentation status, age, gender, race, background, or ability to pay.

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