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Compassion. Unity. Resilience.

South Central Los Angeles is all that and more. With 644,612 residents in South Central Family Health Center’s service area, South Central shouldn’t be judged by its stereotypes, but known for its commitment to building relationships and creating change. For 36 years,  SCFHC has built on those strengths by hiring from the community.

Our staff is united by the support they give one another and the care they provide to our patients. We work with the community to overcome challenges and together we succeed. We are determined to heal, educate, and empower. Please join us in this year's End of Year Campaign to learn about the staff that make SCFHC truly a community clinic. 

South Central Rising

South Central Rising

Frances Flores

Frances Flores has been working with SCFHC for a year as a telephone operator, Frances enjoys her job because she constantly learning new skills and is challenged to use them in different situations every day. Frances is very tied to the community and she believes it has changed for the better, because the community itself has worked to change these things.

Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Edwards has been working as a Family Medicine Physician’s Assistant with SCFHC for 17 years, and began working at the clinic when it was located on San Pedro Ave. After graduating Valedictorian at Crenshaw High School and completing her Physician’s Assistant program at Charles Drew University, she returned to South Central to bring quality healthcare to her community. Edwards is living testament to overcoming adversity and producing excellence, what motivates her work is the patients she cares for.

Elizabeth Mora

Elizabeth Mora has been working at SCFHC for the past eight years, she began working as a Patient Services Representative and was eventually promoted to Front Office lead. It is her incredible amount of empathy and personal experience that helps her deliver the best possible patient service. Elizabeth believes that the relationship between patients and medical staff is reciprocal, and that the SCFHC clinics are here to serve the people of the community.

Marquetta Batiste

Marquetta Batiste has been working at SCFHC for 2 years, and admires that the clinic exists to serve the community and likes that upper management is approachable. Marquetta often approaches her work with a patient perspective, as she understands the importance of medical care.

Marcela Garcia

Marcela has been working with SCFHC for 21 years. Her dedication to her patients and their families goes above and beyond her everyday duties. She works tirelessly to make patients feel cared for, as part of the SCFHC family. Marcela feels blessed for being able to know patients and their  families through all her years with SCFHC.

By donating to the South Central Rising Campaign, you will help continue this legacy of care for generations to come.

Thank you for recognizing that the investments we make in the families of South Los Angeles are worthwhile,

and critical to building a more equitable society.

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