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Spotlight Award

In order to celebrate performance that reflects the innovative, passionate, and patient-centered focus that SCFHC has embraced, SCFHC proudly presents the Spotlight Award.

Spotlight Award honor three areas of consideration

Impact Service, dedication, professionalism, and compassion in working with the community. Service that inspires an overall sense of belonging and leads to a welcoming SCFHC campus environment.

Effectiveness Promoting the SCFHC mission and core values through their daily performance.

Significance Accomplishments through work assignments that contribute to the success of SCFHC in the community.

Spotlight Award will be given three times a year. This award is available to SCFHC staff members who have been nominated by the SCFHC management team. In order to nominate a staff member please use the form below.


Spotlight Award Nomination

Spotlight 2017 Profiles

Spotlight Winners

October 2017

Angelica Cupa

Registered Dental Assistant

Angelica goes above and beyond her duties as a Registered Dental Assistant. When we hired a new dental employee, Angelica went out of her way to make that employee feel welcomed. When we hosted the National Health Center Week this summer, Angelica poured all her energy into encouraging patients and their families to attend our event at Huntington Park. We are honored to present Angelica with this Spotlight Award to thank her for her star employee qualities and her help in making our dental clinic a great place to work and receive care.

Liz Ledesma

Lead Medical Assistant

Liz embodies every good quality you would want and expect from an ideal employee. She has dedicated 15+ years to SCFHC and has taken on numerous roles in the organization without hesitation. Liz does not hesitate to jump in and always handles the challenges and demands of her position with a smile. She is well respected by the entire staff, from the MAs, Providers, Front Staff and Administration. It’s thanks to MAs like Liz that patients are so happy with the care they receive at SCFHC. Liz is a remarkable person and we are very fortunate to have her in this organization.

Evelia Mora-Renteria

Medical Records

I find Evelia to be exceptional, she is open to change, and open to being part of the SCFHC growth. She participates in many projects, including the Operations of the facility, and is very productive, and resourceful. She takes initiative and even worked with IT to create a better system of downloading paperwork, thereby lowering our paper waste. Evelia is very passionate about learning, researching, and always keeps up to date with new procedures. I respect her hard work, and admire her dedication to SCFHC!

Natalie Arce

Managed Care

Natalie has shown a tremendous dedication to SCFHC that goes beyond her Managed Care duties. For this year’s National Health Center Week, Natalie raised $2,000 in monetary donations, and an additional $300 in in-kind donations from vendors. Natalie is an essential part of the SCFHC team, as she works tirelessly to promote SCFHC services, recruit and retain patients, and ensure that SCFHC remain the clinic of choice for Huntington Park.

Elizabeth Mora

Patient Services Representative

Elizabeth has been a huge help in producing and maintaining workflows that ensure that patient services remain efficient and effective. She is always professional and steps up when problems arise with patient enrollment, making sure that patients understand the process and that their information is filed properly. She is a wonderful part of the patient services team and has grown alongside SCFHC, it’s thanks to employees like Elizabeth that SCFHC has been able to maintain a 99% patient satisfaction rate! We are honored to nominate her for this Spotlight Award.

Previous Winners

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