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Vision Care Center

SCFHC's Vision Care Center is one of the few offering full-scope vision services in South LA.  


This site first opened in 2021. 


SCFHC’s Vision Care Center is proud to partner with the Marshall Ketchum School of Optometry. 


Vision Care Center

4411 S. Central Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90011

Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Call for an appointment

(323) 905-5808

Please have the following information available

Your current address and phone number.

Medical card or any other insurance card, if you are insured.


  • Full Comprehensive Eye Exams 

  • Low-cost prescription glasses 

  • Initial binocular vision assessment 

  • Diabetes/Hypertension/Hypercholesterolemia retinal exams 

  • Eye discharge assessment 

  • Chalazions 

  • Pterygiums 

  • “RED” eyes 

  • Subconjunctival heme 

  • Foreign body removals 

  • Lash epilation’s 

  • Suspect glaucoma 

  • Unknown decreased vision 

  • Suspect Cataracts 

  • Dry eye 

  • AND MORE  

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